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Search by category

If you are looking for a product from a category, please click each link from the category column at the top of the site. If you can not find the product you are looking for, please contact our customer service center .Top of page

Search by product

Enter the keyword, product name, or item number in [Search box] on the upper left of the site, and click the [Search] button to display the list of products related to the word you entered. In order to display as many search results as possible, we recommend that you set the word to be input to [Search box] to 1 word. If you can not find the product you are looking for, please contact our customer service center .Top of page

Check the size of supplements

You can check chart of supplement from here .

Check supplement ingredient table

Here you can check the ingredient table of supplements.

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About your orderAbout your order

how to order

How to order, there is one. 
Online · · · www.puritanspride.jp
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Payment method

There are two types of payment methods: Paypal or Credit card (Visa, Master, JCB, American Express) payment. 
credit card

Paying for Credit Card  Puritans Pride is located in New York, USA. When paying with credit card, it will be handled overseas. Payment is only lump sum payment Please be forewarned that the card company may convert additional fee such as foreign exchange processing for overseas use. If you have any questions about the fee, please contact the credit card company for details.
please noteAbout Customs · Consumption Tax
Shopping at Puritans Pride is treated as " individual import ".
  • Products brought in by personal import are permitted only for individual use by self-responsibility.
  • If entering company name or organization name is entered in the column of orderer's name, it may not be handled as individual import handling.
  • In the case of individual imports, customs fees, customs duties, consumption taxes, etc. are added at customs when the price of goods (shipping fee) exceeds the tax exclusion range ( roughly 16,000 yen ) at the time of arrival in Japan.
  • Even if you order within the tax-exempt range (roughly under 16,000 yen), import tax will be incurred if it is judged that the number of orders exceeds the range of personal use by Japanese customs.
  • If you order more than 2 mouths on the same day, such as bulk buying, depending on the amount, it will be subject to import tax if you are judged as one package at customs.
  • As for the amount charged by customs, there is a request from the shipping company to the customer at the time of delivery of the package. Please be aware that these charges will be borne by the buyer who is a personal importer.
  • In individual imports, there is a limit on the quantity that can be imported at once, so please purchase within the regulation. 
    For details, please refer to the following website. 
    www.customs.go.jp/ www.mhlw.go.jp/topics/0104/tp 0401-1.html

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Order from website

check!Check here first!  
Please select a category from the category column at the top of the top page and search for the item. 
You can also search by entering keywords, product name, item number etc in [Search box] at the top of the top page. 
When you click 【Quick View】 of the bottle image of the search result, the product purchase page is displayed. If you would like to see product details, please click 【View all this information】 in the bottom right. 
If there are more than 12 search results, please select 【see all】 on the upper right of the display page. 
At the bottom right of the product image 【Click on the Add to Cart】 button, the product will enter the shopping cart. 
If you move the cursor to the 【Cart Contents】 section on the top right of the top page, the mini cart is displayed and you can easily check which item is in the cart. 
On the mini cart, click the [View cart] button, the shopping cart page is displayed, and if you want to proceed directly to the checkout page, please click on the link of 【Or go to checkout】.


step 1 Changing the Quantity in the Cart In the
Shopping Cart page, change to the quantity you want in the Quantity (Half-width Numbers) box, and click the [Update Cart] button.
Step 2 Remove items from the
cart In the shopping cart page, click on the link "Remove from cart". 
The item will be deleted from the cart.
Step 3 Using coupons You can apply coupons by entering 
coupon codes (half size alphanumeric characters) (in upper case letters ) and clicking the "Use" button in the box on the right of the shopping cart page on the shopping cart page on the right .
Step 4 When
you click the [Go to checkout] button on the shopping cart page to be settled, it will move to 【Procedure Login】 screen.
If you are already registered as a member please enter the registration information and click the [Login] button. 
If you are ordering with a guest, please click the [Continue>] button.
Step 5 Go to checkout register If you
are registered as a member, you can select the registered address with [Select an address]. 
Or, if you enter a new addressee and click the "Add to address book" checkbox at the bottom of the phone number entry field, that address will be registered in the address book. 

If you are ordering with a guest, please enter the addressee of the item and click the [Continue>] button. 
Name ( Katakana ), and the 7-digit postal code ( byte numbers enter the), followed by prefectures, cities and counties District, city name, street address, building name, such as building number Katakana and half-width alphanumeric input in please. In addition, enter the phone number in half size and click the [Continue] button. 
※ If you enter with kanji, it takes time to reflect on the system, causing the arrival of luggage to be delayed to the customer. Also, please be careful as garbled characters such as order completion mail etc, cause mail not to be displayed correctly.
Step 6 On the billing destination page of payment, those who are registered as members will automatically reflect the address selected by the addressee of the item. 
Information registered as a member is automatically displayed as an e-mail address. The information 
entered on the addressee page of the product is also reflected to the guest. Please enter your e-mail address. 
※ Please be sure to enter your email address in order to receive your order confirmation email and delivery confirmation email. 
Also, if you would like to receive an e-mail newsletter, please click on the checkbox below the e-mail address input box.We will deliver up-to-date information on special sales, products and services.
Step 7 A person who is available coupon, if you do not enter the coupon code in the shopping cart page, here ( uppercase letters (alphanumeric characters) Please enter in. 
If you have already been input necessary for you to re-enter the There is none..
Step 8 Payment method, please choose from credit card or paypal.
Step 9 In the case of a credit card, as the name on the card is written on the card ( Please input in half-width Roman
letters .) Enter the type of card, card number, expiration date, authentication number and click the [Continue] button If 
you would like to purchase Paypal, please click on the select button first and then click the [Continue>] button.
Step 10 Please check the order details once again on the 【Order Complete】 screen and click the [Buy] button. Your shopping is now complete. Since your order number and order details are displayed on the completion screen, be sure to print and keep it until your package arrives. 

If you have any questions about settlement, please contact customer service center .

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Confirm delivery status of products

Even if two weeks have passed after ordering, if the item does not arrive at your place please specify the order number, name and contact information and contact the customer service center . 
We will keep track of your luggage status. Top of page

Change order contents

If you would like to change the order contents after ordering please contact customer service center within business hours. However, after completion of payment settlement, we can not change if delivery arrangements are ready at the shipping center in New York. Please note.Top of page

Cancel order contents

Your order at our shop will be accepted and processed automatically. After payment settlement is completed, I can not cancel it if delivery arrangements are ready at the shipping center in New York. However, it is also possible to receive refund correspondence by refusing to receive goods at the time of delivery. 
If the item is returned to the Miami Distribution Center due to refusal of receipt, the customer will be responsible for the cost of returning or retransmitting the item. 
Also, if the return shipping fee to the Miami Distribution Center exceeds the price of the item ordered, Puritans Pride tells the shipping company not to return the item. In that case, we will be responsible for all product prices. 
Even if you are experiencing customs clearance fee (tariff etc.) on the item refused receipt, we will bear customer burden. 
For the status of your order , please contact customer service center within business hours.Top of page

Money back guarantee system

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products and we think that first of all we will be satisfied with our customers Puritans Pride is offering with all products with 1 year warranty. If you are not satisfied with the item by any chance, please return it with a brief explanation. We will refund the unused portion price promptly.Top of page

About using coupons

If you have a discount coupon, please enter the coupon code on the shopping cart page or on the billing address input page of payment after proceeding to the cash register and click the [Use] button.Top of page

Easy reorder

Please enter the desired item number and quantity from the easy reorder page (inhalf size numbers), and click the [Add to Cart] button.

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About delivery and returnAbout delivery and return

about shipping cost

Notice of shipping fee change

Thank you for always patronizing Puritans pride. 

Puritans pride has a supplement manufacturing factory throughout the United States and has its headquarters in New York. 
At our shop, we strive to provide vitamin supplements to our customers at the lowest possible price. We have developed free shipping policy for all items for a while from last year, but since our products are delivered from the United States, it has been forced to review the shipping system due to the rise in the cost of international shipping. 

Regrettably, it is regrettable that we changed the shipping fee by weight from April 20, 2017 unfortunately. 
As a result of this change, I will assume that you will be very troubled by everyone. As for our shop, we will continue to make constant efforts to make it possible for customers to return to the situation that makes shopping easier as much as possible about shipping fee. In addition, we will strive to provide high-quality vitamins and supplements at a low price as usual. We would like to thank you for your continued support as we strive for unchanging patronage.

Shipping policy

All goods will be shipped from Amazon World Trading's Miami Distribution Center and will be treated as international shipping. Consumption tax and customs duty are not included in the item price. Customs fee, import tax, consumption tax, etc. may be imposed when your item arrives at the delivery country. 

All additional costs for customs clearance will be borne by the customer and we will not have authority over these costs and we can not predict how much it will cost. The provisions of the Customs Bureau vary widely from country to country. Therefore, please contact the nearest customs department directly for details on customer's customs status. 

In Puritans pride, in order to offer products at low prices, if products are returned to the delivery center in New York due to incomplete entry of address or refusal of receipt at the time of ordering, for product return / retransmission Such expenses will be borne by the customer. Also, if the return shipping fee to the Miami Distribution Center exceeds the price of the item ordered, Puritans Pride tells the shipping company not to return the item. However, in that case as well, we will be responsible for all product prices. 

Please check with yourself, according to the regulations of personal import as determined by the delivery country, you can clear the items you ordered. Puritans pride can not compensate for products if products ordered by the customs house of the delivery country or its government agency are suspended at the time of import clearance. However, in that case as well, we will be responsible for all product prices. 

In addition, purchasing goods at customers puritanspride.jp is yourself becoming an importer, in compliance with the laws and regulations of the goods delivery country and also the laws and regulations in the case where the US exports goods to the delivery country We need you.

The expenses and penalties caused by violating the laws and regulations of the delivery country shall be borne by the customer who is the importer. In violation of the laws and regulations of the shipping country, if the item ordered is returned to the delivery center in the United States, the quarantine fee, examination fee, shipping charge in the country of delivery or warehousing of goods imposed in the United States We will refund the item price after deducting fee, storage overage fee, item return fee etc. In the laws and regulations of the United States, returning of specific goods may be restricted or prohibited. In that case, we can not refund the item price. Please note.

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About delivery country

Puritans Pride Japanese orders shipped from the online shop will only be shipped within Japan .Top of page

About delivery days

For delivery to Japan, airmail is used, and orders are usually delivered to you in about 1 to 2 weeks after completion of ordering ~ settlement 
However, since it will be shipped from the US, it may take some time for delivery for more than two weeks due to circumstances such as cargo, customs clearance, weather, etc. Please acknowledge. * Parcels always pass customs at international airport in Japan. 

If your package does not arrive after 3-4 weeks, please contact our office. We will check the status of your luggage. 
Depending on the out of stock after your order, it may not be possible to ship immediately. If there are other orderable items that can be shipped, we will ship from items that can be shipped. 

※ Orders received on Saturdays, Sundays, or US holidays will be processed on the next business day from the New York Shipping Center. 

【US holiday schedule for 2018】
  January 1 New Years Day
  February 15 Presidents Day
  May 30 Memorial Day
  July 1 & 4 Independence Day
  September 5 Labor Day
  November 24th and 25th    Thanksgiving Day
  December 26 Christmas Day

【Ordering with credit card】
We accept orders on weekdays We will be promptly accepted and will be shipped from New York's shipping center in sequence after confirming credit card authorization. 
When delivery of your order is completed, we will send you a shipping notice by e-mail. 

【Order using bank transfer】 The
item will be shipped from New York's shipping center after payment is confirmed. When delivery of your order is completed, we will send you a shipping notice by e-mail.

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Lost, damaged, misdirected product

If your item is lost or damaged at the time of delivery, if an incorrect item was delivered, please contact our Customer Service Center .

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Return / Exchange of goods

About Returns We
pride ourselves on the quality of our products at Puritans Pride, and we are committed to satisfying our customers first. If you are not satisfied with the item by any chance, please return unused goods (limited within one year from the date of purchase) to the following address with a brief explanation. We will refund the unused portion price promptly. 
Customer will bear the shipping fee at the time of return. Please note. 

Please enclose a copy of your order receipt for packing returned goods. In addition, we can not assume the responsibility if returned goods do not arrive at our returning department. We recommend you to use insured mail. Also, if your baggage is returned to the following address, we will sorry for your inconvenience but your name, item name returned, item number, order number when ordering goods, shipping date of returned goods, shipping number or underwritingPlease contact your customer service center for the number.
Return address:  
Amazon World Trading 
Attn: Puritans Pride Japan Returns 
11231 NW 20th St  
Miami, FL 33172  

replacement If you wish to exchange items,please contact the Customer Service Center .

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About member registrationAbout member registration

Register as a member

If you set up an exclusive account for customers, you can register information such as the addressee of the product, there is no need to enter it at the time of shopping every time. If you wish to register as a member, please proceed through the process of registering a new member at the upper right of the site .

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I forgot the password?

If you forget your password, do you forget your password from my page ? Please click on the link and enter your e-mail address.

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Edit member registration details

If you want to edit the registration information, please enter your e-mail address and password from My Page and login. 
Please change your name, e-mail address or password, then click the "Update" button.
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Edit address book

If you want to edit the address book, please enter your e-mail address and password from My Page and login. It is possible to register multiple addressees in the address book.

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Check past order history

If you want to check the contents ordered in the past, please enter your e-mail address and password from My Page and login. You can also add products to your cart by clicking the checkbox of the item you want from the order history and clicking the 【reorder】 button.

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Create favorite list

You can list products you want to purchase. This list can be used for shopping. Please enter your e-mail address and password from My page first and login. Items registered in the favorites list are added to the shopping cart when you click the [Add to Cart] button.

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About Puritans prideAbout Puritans pride

click!About us

click!Contact Us


If there are delays in payment, problems with import permits, etc., we may refrain from shipping products due to our judgment. In that case, we will contact you by e-mail and refund to credit card. In some countries various permits may be required. Regardless of the type of license, we do not deliver goods to countries that Puritans Pride knows that permits are obligated. 
We can not accept returns / exchanges of items you purchased. In other words, Puritans pride can not assume the responsibility in the case of customer circumstances. 
Prices listed on this website are subject to change without notice. 
The content on this website is an outline of health and nutrition information released on the media and is not intended to cure, treat or prevent diseases or symptoms. Before consulting with the product posted on this website or starting a program or treatment method, please consult with your doctor etc specialist in your area beforehand. 
The products and treatment methods posted on this website are provided as information sources and have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. We can not assume the responsibility for typographical errors. Puritans pride can not assume the responsibility if the order delivered outside the United States could not pass through the customs of that country. When ordering, please check with your local customs office in advance in advance. If the goods are forfeited at the customs, we can not refund the item.

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privacy policy

Puritans Pride pays maximum attention to the protection of personal information. We do not provide / disclose your personal information to third parties. 
If you would like to see the full text of the privacy policy, please click here .

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We make every effort to protect your personal information. The information you send when ordering is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. The information is encrypted on your computer, transmitted via the Internet as a meaningless cipher, and decrypted by our secure server. Information will not be read during transmission. We have received SSL server certificate from GeoTrust. 


If the order transmission is done by SSL, the following sign indicating the fact is displayed in the browser and you can confirm the transmission by SSL.

* First, the URL of the browser changes from "http" to "https". 
* In the Netscape browser, the lock mark at the bottom left is closed and it glows slightly. 
* The closed lock mark will also be displayed in the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, but the location of the mark is the lower right part of the browser.

Regardless of the browser type, the sign like the above is displayed on the Puritan.jp website, so you can check that your information is being transmitted securely. In addition, information sent from you will not be leaked to third parties.Your name, credit card information, purchase history will not be rented, sold or provided to other companies, agencies, individuals. 
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Inquiries about wholesale transaction

If you are interested in wholesale business of our products, please contact us info@puritanspride.com ) with a company profile etc. 

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