About customs · consumption tax

About customs · consumption tax
Shopping at Puritans pride will be treated as 【private import】 . 

■ Only personal use by self-responsibility is permitted for goods brought in by personal import. If entering company name or organization name is entered in the column of orderer's name, it may not be handled as individual import handling. 
■ In the case of ordinary individual imports, customs fee, customs duty, consumption tax, etc. will be added by customs at the time of arrival in Japan if the price of goods (shipping fee ) exceeds the tax exclusion range (roughly 16000 yen) . 
■ Even if you order within the tax-exempt range (roughly under 16000 yen), import tax will be incurred if it is judged that the number of orders exceeds the range of personal use by Japanese customs. 
■ When you order two or more on the same day, such as bulk buying, if it is judged as one package at customs, it will be subject to import tax depending on the amount. 
■ The amount charged by the customs is charged to the customer from the shipping company at the time of delivery of the shipment. Please be aware that these charges will be borne by the buyer who is a personal importer. 
■ Since individual imports have limitations on the quantity that can be imported at one time, please purchase within the range of regulation. 

For details, please check the website below. 0401-1.html